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Iván Ávalos 🇲🇽

19 year old computer geek, studying university (computer systems engineering) since age 15. I advocate for free (as in freedom) software, open technologies, privacy, human rights and equity. My goal is to put technology back in people's hands to make the world a better place. I currently work at Taler.


In this digital age, who controls technology, controls the world.

My ultimate goal, life mission and commitment with humanity is to change the world for better through ethical, libre, decentralized and distributed technology and networks: put technology and knowledge truly and entirely in people's hands so that we can regain control of our lives and stop being controlled by few giant corporations for profit and power.

Freedom, equity, progress and prosperity for everyone will only be possible when we, the people, control our technology. We must not allow others to undermine our freedoms and rights nor be complicit in making it possible. The interests of humanity must be decided only by humanity itself, not by private capital. We must fight for a human future! I'm strongly committed to being part of the effort.

  • E-mail: avalos at disroot dot org (PGP) (Keyoxide)
  • XMPP: (OMEMO only)
  • Matrix:
  • Signal: ask for my number
  • Keybase: @avalos
  • Telegram: @ivan_avalos (Secret Chats only)

Most of my software projects and contributions can be found in the following places.